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Welcome to Belford High School. We are excited that you are interested in enrolling at our high school. We look forward to having you as our student. This new student guide has been designed to provide all the information you need in considering Belford High School for your further studies and career advancement. Please take the time to look through all the sections of this guide. We want you to be completely satisfied before making an informed decision.
Apply for Admission

Eligibility Standards
Belford High School has a policy of open admissions which allows you to apply to our high school diploma program at any time in the year. To qualify for our admission, a student must be at least twelve years old and have completed an elementary program of study through the eighth grade.

Fee Structure
Acquiring quality education online has never been so affordable. Our fee structure has been designed to make sure students and working adults from all over the world can obtain a worthwhile high school diploma. To view our fee structures, click here.

Enrollment Form
Any student seeking to obtain a high school diploma from Belford High School must complete an application for admission. To fill out our enrollment form, click here.

Academic Advising
High School Diploma Program We Offer

Belford High School offers recognized high school diploma on the basis of distance-learning methods. This program is intended for those students who may not enroll in traditional post secondary level educational programs.

Services We Provide

 In order to ensure a customized and interactive educational environment, Belford High School provides a range of services to its students, and alumni. Follow the links to explore.

Student Area
Alumni Center

24-hour Help
If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our 24-hour help line. To fill out our customer support form, click here.
Students can earn their
high school diploma via the Internet whenever and wherever they want
Students and working adults can advance their professional knowledge and academic credentials
  View the benefits we offer through our partnership programs

Community Colleges Program
Corporate Program

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